Aviation is an amazing passion.  So many dreams starting from childhood to the later years of life.  We are currently in a period of time where technology is creating possibilities like none other.  Where pilots are given many opportunities to fly many category of aircraft. Where your dream of flight can be made possible.  We encourage you to follow your dreams! You will never accomplish this sooner than right now!  The family of pilots, soon to be pilots, and aviation enthusiasts is a great place to call home.

With all this being said, I would like you to understand....  Anything that goes in the air will come down. Gravity is currently undefeated.  Please Please Please regardless of what you want to fly consult a professional. It is very easy to have your adrenaline take over on that initial "just going to warm the engine" to the point of no return.  You are a very important piece of the aviation community, You are very important to the people around you, and You are very important to us.  Stay safe, get training, become a beacon for others to follow, and mostly, become that pilot with many years of safe flying to pass on to the next generation.